Mechwarrior Online finally gets some Community Warfare details

Mechwarrior Online finally gets some Community Warfare details

Community Warfare, the meta-game component of Mechwarrior Online that was promised at the game’s launch, has gotten a few more details over the last few days.

There has been a lot of worry among the Mechwarrior Online fanbase that Community Warfare wasn’t coming, or would come in a stripped-down form that was somewhat less than we were promised. Although it’s still early in the reveal process (there will be more feature reveals over the coming weeks), it looks like some of those fears can be set aside for the time being.

At the launch event last week, a presentation was made in which PGI outlined their roadmap for the upcoming Community Warfare and UI2.0 overhaul, a process that would take roughly 6-months according to the presentation. Here is what we know so far:

There will basically be 3 types of players in the meta-game: Mercenary Lone Wolf, Faction Loyalists, and Mercenaries Unit. The former will fight in random matches at will, accumulate in-game currency and just fight in battle after battle. The Faction Loyalists can choose to join one of the in-game NPC factions from Battletech lore. Doing so will provide special bonuses and discounts for faction-specific items, and allow you to accumulate faction loyalty points for that specific faction which will in turn provide additional bonuses and rank increases. If you’re a faction loyalist, you can then fight it out with other players for planetary control in the larger universe-spanning meta-game, which will take place on a large inner-sphere map. Borders of nations can, and will, change hands frequently.

The final category – Mercenary Units – will function a lot like guilds in other MMOs. They will be able to accept contracts, take part in organized battles for or against individual factions, and potentially even control their own planets and such. You can see far more details than I have time to explain here at the link above. If you like Mechwarrior Online, it’s well worth the read.

A LOT more details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks, but I’m cautiously optimistic. Many of the Mechwarrior Online developers play EVE Online, and it sounds like they are shooting for a meta-game system that has a few similarities to the sovereignty control mechanisms in EVE. It obviously won’t be as free-flowing as EVE, but I think the direction sounds good.

After months of not hearing anything, I’m excited to hear SOMETHING. A lot of people have given up hope on Mechwarrior Online already (many with good reason), but I think there’s still a lot of potential in the game, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

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