CCP bring in new Executive Producer for Dust 514

CCP bring in new Executive Producer for Dust 514

It’s been about 10 months since I played Dust 514 when it was first released into open beta on the PS3.  Back then I didn’t really have anything complimentary to say about the game. 

The controls were clunky, the lag was prevalent, the modes and objectives were unclear, and the graphics were drab an uninteresting.  More importantly, the game was/is a PS3 exclusive and it really needed to find a home on the PC.  I did, and still do, love the idea of Dust 514, but the implementation has been less than spectacular.

And it looks like CCP feels the same way, at least in part.  They have tapped a man named Jean-Charles Gaudechon to be the new executive producer for Dust 514.  Gaudechon has worked previously on F2P titles such as Battlefield Heroes and Need for Speed World, among others.  I don’t know if the previous Executive Producer was let go, or if he just moved on to bigger and better things on his own, but hopefully Gaudechon can give Dust 514 the shot in the arm it needs to be a really great game.

Additionally, an update is being released for Dust 514, titled “Uprising”, that will create new tutorials to smooth new players into the game, and will create new corps rules for players to take part in.  So maybe they are on the right track after all.

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