Arcen Games Announces New Game, Skyward Collapse

Arcen Games Announces New Game, Skyward Collapse

Arcen Games, creators of AI War and A Valley Without Wind, have announced their newest game, Skyward Collapse.  It’s a strategy game that incorporates elements of turn-based nonsense, 4X strategy, and godly powers.

You play a friendly, peacefulness deity who tries to make the inhabitants of his beautiful floating island stop stabbing each other with pointy things.  Well, not technically speaking.  As the game is described by Arcen Games’ Chris Park, your goal is to essentially balance out the bloodshed so that neither side completely wipes out the other:

Set high in the sky atop a floating landmass that you are actively constructing as the game progresses, you oversee two warring factions (Greeks and Norse).  Via solo play or co-op, you play as “The Creator,” helping both sides of the conflict — granting each side buildings, resources, and even new citizens.

However, the multitude of villages you create all have minds of their own, and will actively try to stomp the nearest still-standing village of the other faction.  Given the resources and appropriate buildings, your villagers will gear up for war without your direct interaction, and will fight it out to the best of their abilities.

Unlike most strategy games, your goal isn’t to have either of the sides win.  “You” aren’t represented by either of the sides, after all.  Instead your goal is to balance this conflict as best you can so that neither side gets wiped out.  You win by having the most points generated (read: most carnage) without either side committing genocide.

But you can’t just strip them of the ability to gear up for war: roaming bandits make defense essential.  Not to mention, crime in each village goes up and up the longer it’s without a military presence, until it collapses into anarchy.  You can construct embassies and assign traveling diplomats to them in an effort to reach a state of enlightenment where crime is no longer a threat, but this is difficult and only affects the two villages that are undergoing peace talks; their neighbors will remain as warlike as ever!

There’s resource gathering, godlike powers, and bits of base/world building.  It sounds like an incredible concept, so we’ll keep you updated when we know more, or have some videos.  In the meantime, check out Chris Park’s writeup linked  above, as he goes into much more detail about the world’s economics and mechanics.

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