Change In Direction


I don’t know if anyone had read this site in months, especially since I stopped posting, but there are going to be some changes around here in the coming weeks.   Read More »

Battlefield 4 shows of it’s pretty, but pointless, singleplayer campaign


Let’s not mince words here – nobody buys a Battlefield game of the story.  In fact, the only reason I remember there is eve a campaign mode in any previous Battlefield games is because I was forced to play one mission in them when the launch day servers went down.   Read More »

Star Citizen gets a sexy new trailer, reaches $25 million stretch goal


Check out this trailer.  It shows off some epic, Star Wars esque, space fighting.  But the most impressive part is Chris Roberts swears it’s all in-game footage. Read More »

Creative Assembly trying to make amends with new free (but not for long!) DLC


Look, let’s all be honest here – Total War: Rome II was a bit of a mess when it came out a few months ago.  I mean, I’m, probably the biggest Total War fan there is, and even I’m willing to admit it is definitely not the best title they have released, bordering on “a bit shit”. Read More »

New Thief Trailer


Am I the only one that thinks the new Thief just looks like a slightly-changed Dishonored?  I mean, I’m sure it’s plenty different, but the trailers I have seen all make it look relatively similar to that other semi-steampunk/gothic sneaker game. Read More »

CCP bring in new Executive Producer for Dust 514


It’s been about 10 months since I played Dust 514 when it was first released into open beta on the PS3.  Back then I didn’t really have anything complimentary to say about the game.  Read More »

1-man show, Universum: War Front gets its funding, continues to impress

A few weeks ago we got wind of Universum: War Front, a sci-fi RTS on Kickstarter that was being developed by one single man, Cyril Megem, working under the title of StarworksArt Studio.  The game has come a long way since then and has cleared it’s Kickstarter goal with flying colors. Read More »

20 minutes of Titanfall footage from EB Games Expo


EA has graciously uploaded the footage from the Titanfall presentation at the EB Games Expo last week.  There is a whole lot of new gameplay footage and some interesting information from the presenters.  The presentation was hosted by Respawn Entertainment’s Community Manager Abbie Heppe, and just reinforces why I’m so excited about Titanfall. Read More »

Pixeljunk Shooter coming to PC


Confession time – I don’t like the trend of indie games re-visiting old genres.  Side scrollers stopped being interesting games to me 15 years ago when the N64 came out, and I haven’t looked back since.   Read More »

Maxis contemplates adding modding to SimCity


You know, I’ve always wondered what the revenue breakdown was like between games that allowed modding and games that didn’t.  Do games that provide a closed system with no modding (like Battlefield 4) have a statistically higher sales rate than games that allow large amounts of modding, like Skyrim? Read More »

Wii production shutting down sometime soon


The age of the mighty Wii is at it’s twilight.   Read More »

SEGA of America confirms layoffs


Times are apparently tough at SEGA of America, as the company confirmed it had laid off a “small” number of workers over the last few weeks. Read More »

Co-op/sandbox spaceship sim thing, PULSAR: Lost Colony


Now isn’t this something – an ostensibly FPS version of FTL?  Yes please! Read More »

Mechwarrior Online finally gets some Community Warfare details


Community Warfare, the meta-game component of Mechwarrior Online that was promised at the game’s launch, has gotten a few more details over the last few days. Read More »

PSA: Battlefield 4 beta goes live today for premiums, Friday for everyone else


For all you lucky premium holders for Battlefield 4, or all you pre-order junkies, or all of you who ordered Medal of Honor, you get access to the BF4 beta today.  The rest of us schmucks have to wait until Friday. Read More »

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